ROBE is a Ukrainian brand of leisure clothing born in 2023 in Kyiv.

In February 2022, Kyiv became the capital of freedom and resilience in every sense of these words. Since then, the world is inspired and admires Ukraine, helps it and looks up to it. Ukrainians tirelessly show how life defeats darkness every time.

One of the symbols of our love for life became beauty. The beauty of everyone who chooses to live, defend life and save beauty in its every moment.

This inspired us to create ROBE — a clothing brand that affirms a new philosophy of everyday life — free from prejudice, that tames changes and drives the future, and at the same time, airy, that reveals the art of looking at the world through eyes full of curiosity and life.

This femininity has no gender boundaries. This femininity knows how to care and plant flowers. This very same femininity knows how to protect and stand up for oneself and one's home. From now on, home is not a place where you put on an old T-shirt because no one can see you. It's a space where you admire yourself in the mirror because you are in your place. ROBE brings to life the art of being feminine. On a scooter, behind the wheel, with a basket at the Sunday market or with a glass of Mimosa in hand. So different, so strong, and so expressive - femininity.

Be a masterpiece of contemporary home and street fashion in ROBE.

Anna Kotsar & Mira Buravytska, Kyiv, May 2023